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Finding the right car at the right price, is often a challenge. Finding the right dealer to do business with, well that too can be as much of a challenge.

At Sonju Two Harbors in Two Harbors, MN, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our knowledgeable sales and service teams raise the customer care bar to the highest level. If you have never purchased or had your car serviced here at Sonju Two Harbors, allow us the opportunity to earn your business.

We came for a jeep and left with a jeep. Mary Dunlap rocks. She will get u what u need and do whatever neccesary to get u into the vehicle of ur dreams!!!
alex minotte    

Everyone was amazing, especially Phil S! Friendly, attentive, and most importantly, not pushy. This was by far the best car buying experience we have ever has!
Jim Kurosky    

Hi Nelson!!! First off - thank you for the phone calls! Very much appreciated. Sorry I was not able to answer them and sorry I have not called you back yet. But I did get them! It is awesome to know that you guys care that much about your customers to follow up with them - even a month after the sale. That says a great deal about you and the dealership. I am still thrilled that I had such a wonderful car buying experience. I have been telling everybody how satisfying the whole experience has been so far and have been suggesting that they all go to Sonju next time they are in the market for a vehicle. Second off - I am absolutely loving my new Escape!!! Let me say that again because I cannot seem to say it enough -- I am ABSOLUTELY LOVING my new Escape =) All I want to do is be in it and drive somewhere. I learn something new about it everyday - which keeps it even more exciting. Thirdly - at this point I do not have any questions and I have not had any issues at all to run past you. But if I do - I have your number and I won't be afraid to use it =) Thanks again - a million times and then some - for helping me get the vehicle I have dreamed about for the past 6 years. Tell your boss that I say you deserve the Gold Star =) One extremley satisfied customer!
Laura   Ford   Escape

Thank you so much! My experience with you and Sonju was definitely a "TEN" and I will highly recommend that my friends drive to Sonju. When my husband is ready for a new vehicle we will definitely go to Sonju to purchase. Hopefully you will be his salesman when he is ready to trade in his Chrysler Town&Country. Thanks again for the great service. I hope you have a wonderful day.
Nancy Swanson    

Al, it was a pleasure working with you. We love our Jeep. Also, thank you for honoring the verbal price I was given on the phone. We look forward to working with you in the future. Mitch W., Duluth
Mitch W   Jeep   Grand Cherokee

On the Memorial Day Weekend I had traveled to Lutsen for my wedding. My rear windshield broke in a freak accident. I was not sure what to do. I called Sonju because I had driven by it. Service advisor informed me that Sonju does not do auto glass, but he knew some people and that he would call them and see what he could do for me. Jessie called me back within few minutes. He spoke with me on the phone probably 4 different times in the spam of 20 minutes as he spoke to different vendors. He got me set up with TH Auto who was able to fix it. I just wanted to say that this is probably one of the best customer service experiences I've ever had. Customer service like this is rare these days and needs to be recognized. If anyone ever asks me what I think about Sonju, I know that I will give it great reviews based on my experience. Thank You Again! Jack Evans, St.Paul
Jack Evans    

Love the new car, finally had to fill it with gas!! You guys are the best!
Ruby B. 2011  Ford   Fiesta

Nelson Chatfield - Thank you very much for helping us buy our new car. We came in just to "look", but you made us feel so comfortable and you were so helpful about the entire process. Sonju should really hang on to you. If more salesmen were like you there would be far more new cars on the road. Our new Cruze is a dream all around. Thank you again Nelson for going the extra mile to make our experience so wonderful from the start to finish. JOB WELL DONE! John&Peggy Mattson
John and Peggy Mattson Cruze  2011   Chevrolet

I needed a new slightly used car. Looking at online resources such as and comparing prices at Canadian dealerships made it clear to me that I needed to explore buying my next car in the US. I easily imported a new slightly used SUV that saved me thousands compared to shopping in Canada. What made this easy? 1.Sonju's knowledge of importing cars into Canada. 2. The vehicle was equipped to pass Canadian import inspection & safety. I can assure you that the process to bring the car through the border and finally into registration in Canada is straightforward. Just keep a folder ready for all of your documentation! Last but not least; I had a great experience buying from Scott. Scott and his wife were extremely helpful in making sure I got the vehicle I needed through the process to import. To sum it up; they're great people. Sincerely,
Mike Fawcett    

As a mother of three and a full time Active Duty Navy Sailor, I have no free time. Sonju Two Harbors was able to bring the mini-van that I found on their website to my job, so I could test drive it.Thank you Sonju Two Harbors!
Diane Quinn    

I live far from the dealership, so the distance was a major concern. Sonju Two Harbors was able to deliver my new car to my office, saving me a lot of time. Thank you Sonju Two Harbors
Mark Kearny, St. Paul, MN    


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